About Us .... Our Crazy Story

Vista Canyon Inn is the culmination of the plans and dreams of two couples
from Texas, Eleazar & Mayra Hernandez and Dave & Marsha Waddelow.
Tired of the long hours and stress involved in managing their successful real estate practice.  Longtime friends and business partners, Eleazar and Marsha decided they were definitely ready for a change and new challenge.
With full support from Dave, Mayra and their families, on November 1st 2012 Vista Canyon Inn was born and has quickly become one of the top Boutique Hotels in Costa Rica's popular and desirable Central Valley.
Early on Marsha & Eleazar decided to apply the same philosophy in
running their hotel as they did when building their real estate practice.
Treat you clients, guests as you want to treated.
And, always strive to exceed their expectations in all the areas of services you provide.
They both agree, the main foundation to building a successful business.of
any type. Is based on building relationships and exceeding expectations
of anyone with whom you do business.   
Their business philosophy has definitely proven successful, yet again.
Raved reviews, awards and top rankings on sites like TripAdvisor, AirBnb and Booking.com to name a few. Prove Eleazar & Marsha know their business.
One of their first  guest reviews says it all.  
"We arrived as strangers and left feeling like family."
They love what they do and say they can't imagine
doing anything or living anywhere else.
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